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Revy VPN

Revy VPN is the top 1 Free VPN in the Philippines and a fast VPN, that can speed up your connection, bypass filters, change your IP address, unblock some website that is blocked in your country.


    Updates are performed regularly. This is done automatically and requires no service interruptions.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    Our team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7days a week You can always get support here.


    We operate a network failover system where as if one server fails, another server automatically takes its place.

  • 99% UPTIME

    We guarantee you services will always be operational as technicians are on standby 24 hours a day.

no more restrictions.
internet without borders.

Revy VPN

Revy VPN defeats content restrictions and censorship to deliver unlimited access to video, social media, music, and more, from anywhere in the world.


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Revy VPN has a strict code of conduct. We pledge to stand behind our products and services. We strive to make our clients happy and to continue to give them a good reason to keep their business with us. Our commitments to you are listed below.

VPN For Android Devices

Revy VPN offers user-friendly applications for Android.

Fast Servers

Revy VPN provides fast servers that running from different countries.

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Lot of Servers

Revy has 130+ Servers worldwide

Secured and Protected/Reliable Website

The Security of our website is strong and further enhanced to protect our customers.

More than 130 Server In 55 Country

Revy VPN is 100% Free

Revy VPN

How it works?

Bellow are the steps on how to use Revy VPN


How To Download Revy VPN

Click the Download button on the upper navigation of the website of Revy VPN, if it shows you another file type such as .txt or no file extension just rename the app with .apk extension example (Revy VPN.apk)

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How to update Revy VPN

After downloading and installing the Revy VPN, you need to update the online configuration of the applicaiton it can be seen in the bottom middle of the application (Update).

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Enjoy using Revy VPN for free

After updating the configuration of the application choose a server and pick a payload that matches your network if it is Sun we prefer for you to use the Unirises VPN Lite.

If the Revy VPN shows a waiting for server too long, pick another server or another payload.

If the Revy VPN shows you a transport error, that server need a maintenance give us the information about the server and what time it is happened.

If the Revy VPN shows you a profile not found error, you haven't done the step 2 yet.

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